2014 Build Season

During the first week of build season, T3 decided on the strategy for the Aerial Assist game. Some of the members went to Baker College to meet with other teams and present the team’s strategy. There were also had quite a few of snow days, which put the team behind a little bit. Also, a small flood in the main room had the safety team working to clean it up.

During the second week, T3 started the prototypes of the manipulators. The team also finished their practice field so everyone could test their own prototypes. Finally, the team started to work on the parts for the robot while beginning other programs during that time.

At the start of the third week, T3 started out the by working mostly in the managerial teams. Then, the team went into their technical teams and started to complete some parts. Electrical work also started coming together as well.

During the fourth week, T3 completed a lot more parts. Electrical and programming started to speed up in their production. Some tensions did end up getting high, so the team decided to relieve some of the stress by playing some dodge ball.

During the fifth week, T3 started attaching parts to the chassis of the robot, and electrical came close to finishing their projects. The team also ran a fundraiser for the children of the community. There were a lot of different activities during the fundraiser, like dodge ball, swimming, and eating cupcakes.

During the sixth week, crunch time had begun, and T3 finished up the practice robot and competition robot. There was also a lot of driver practice going on at the practice field, and interviews for the chairman’s award were under way. Finally, the team’s competition robot was bagged.