Michigan Championship Competition Results

Ortonville, Michigan, April 20, 2016 – Truck Town Thunder has their sights set on St. Louis for the fifth consecutive year as a result of an incredible performance at the Michigan State Championships this past week. Truck Town Thunder pulled through with a record two Championship award wins: The Engineering Inspiration Award in addition to the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award; the former automatically qualifying them for the FIRST World Championships held next week in St. Louis Missouri.

The highest honor that can be given to a team mentor is the Woodie Flowers Award which is presented to “An outstanding Mentor in the robotics competition who best leads, inspires, teaches, and empowers their team using excellent communication skills” (FIRST). Truck Town Thunder lead mentor Andrew Spiece was awarded the Regional Woodie Flowers Award, making him a finalist for the award given at the World Championships held in St Louis, April 28 – 30. Mr. Spiece said, “FIRST Robotics is the program we have all been waiting for. The program inspires today’s youth to achieve more, be more and just plain be AWESOME!. I recommend all students to join this program during high school to get ahead of their peers and ready for the workforce. Be different, achieve different and just be awesome.”

Much like the Chairman’s Award, Engineering Inspiration automatically qualifies the team to go to the world championships in addition to covering the $5000 entrance fee courtesy of NASA. With this additional money, Truck Town will be able to fund another team’s registration to the World Championships later next week. Truck Town was honored with this award at the Michigan State Championships this past weekend and plans to attend the FIRST Championships next week.

Truck Town Thunder is also helping a team this week raise funds for the FIRST Championships. The Flint Kearsley robotics team qualified for the FIRST Championships for the first time. They had no idea this was possible and due to changes in state funding do not have the funds to get the championships. Truck Town Thunder is helping them raise funds for registration, travel, food and accommodations while they are there. Please do what you can to share their information out to anyone and everyone to gain support to help these awesome kids from Flint get to the championships. Here is where you can go to help them out: https://www.gofundme.com/HybridHornet

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