Week 3 of Build Season

During week three design and build progressed. The chassis designs were completed, the shooter sub-team continued working on designs, the feeding system prototype was completed and work continued on the new climber design. The electrical team began putting together a plan for wiring the robot when it is completed and the programming team put serious effort towards a non-linear controls for the chassis driver. This was tested and perfected on our mule chassis and will definitely be implemented on our 2013 Robot.

week 3 2Truck Town Thunder took time our this week to go visit with some future Robot Designers at Oakwood Elementary. Kindergarten Students shared their designs with the team. This was a great opportunity for T3 members to reach out to the community during build season. The team set up a date to come give a demonstration to the entire elementary school in the spring.


week 3 3The Truck Town Thunder Safety Sub-team met with Jordan Nickola  from the Enginerds, FRC Team 2337,  for Underwriters Laboratories Safety Training. This was an excellent opportunity for team members learn about the Safety Award and meet with another team to coordinate efforts on Safety. T3 would like to thank Jordan and Pam Salem, FRC Team 2337 Safety Mentor, for mentoring us through this process. T3 was also able to set up a First Aid Training with the Enginerds First Aid Mentor for February 7.



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