2013 Ultimate Ascent

Ultimate Ascent


ULTIMATE ASCENT is played by two competing alliances on a flat, 27 x 54 foot field.
Each alliance consists of three robots, and they compete to score as many discs into their goals as they can during a two minute and fifteen second match.The higher the goal in which the disc is scored, the more points the Alliance receives.

The match begins with a fifteen second Autonomous Period in which robots operate independently of driver inputs. Discs scored during this period are worth additional points. For the remainder of the match, drivers control robots and try to maximize their alliance score by scoring as many goals as possible.The match ends with robots attempting to climb up pyramids located near the middle of the field. Each robot earns points based on how high it climbs.

Game Animation


Drivetrain and Chassis:

6 ‚Äď 6‚Ä≥ VexPro Tractions wheels with diamond top tread
4 Cim driving Custom T3 Dual Speed Transmission (Thunderbox)


Custom poured Reflex 30 tire on a VexPro Wheel.
Costume Lexan Guide
Lead Screw angle deck powered by snow blower motor


T3 Travels To Missouri For World Championships

April 28, 2013

Truck Town Thunder qualified and successfully competed at the World Championships in St. Louis, MO from April 24th¬†to the 28th. Random selection placed T3 in the Newton Division, the same division as the previous year. After completing the qualification matches with a record of 6-4-0 and seeding 11th out of 100 teams, Truck Town was…

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