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2021 Competition Season
January 2021

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-8th: Q&A Panel


Proudly representing the Brandon School District

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Thank You !!!

Truck Town Thunder could not exist if it weren’t for the generous support of our sponsors, mentors, parents and the Brandon School District. We greatly appreciate your financial support, the time you dedicate for our growth, and for the resources you allow us to use throughout the season.

Pre-Season Update

  During these harsh times, it has been imperative to Truck Town Thunder to continue training its new students whilst using remote options such as Zoom. However new this process is for us all, we are staying positive.

 Using a combination of blueprints and mentor instruction, students are able to gain an understanding of the machines and tools in our metal shop.

This year, T3 has strived to continue enriching the team members with experience they can take with them into the real world. We have done CAD training for the whole team, even a CAD Lego challenge. Though this year isn’t business as usual, Truck Town Thunder is continuing to find ways to give each student a worthwhile experience.

One goal T3 has pursued over the years has been utilizing swerve drive effectively while maintaining costs and robot weight. Since the release of the CTRE Falcon 500 Brushless motors and (include swerve module name here),  T3 is finally trucking to make this goal a reality! Watch our upcoming build week videos on YouTube to find out more about how we’re utilizing swerve drive on our robot for the 2021 FRC season!

This year’s game: Infinite Recharge

We are excited to kick off the 2021 competition season, Infinite Recharge, inspired by the renewable sources of energy around us. On January 9th, Truck Town Thunder was able to meet remotely for the  annual FIRST kickoff and game reveal. We will be busy at work creating strategies and robot design ideas to fit the 2021 game. This year there are no in person competitions, but FIRST is giving three options to compete virtually. Teams can participate in the Game Design Challenge, the FIRST Innovation Challenge, and Infinite Recharge at Home where teams can participate in skills challenges to test their robots and driving skills.