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Truck Town Thunder

2019 Competition Season
February 2019

Upcoming Dates:

March 15-16

District Competition
Gull Lake HS
Richland, MI

March 29-30

District Competition
Troy Athens HS
Troy, MI

April 10-13

MI State Championship
Saginaw Valley State
Saginaw, MI

April 24-27

World Championships
Cobo Center
Detroit, MI

Proudly representing the Brandon School District


Thank You!!!

Truck Town Thunder could not exist if it weren't for the generous support of our sponsors, mentors, parents and the Brandon School District.  We greatly appreciate your financial support, the time you dedicate for our growth, and for the resources you allow us to use throughout the season.

Building Season Update

January 5th kicked off the 2019 competition season, Destination: Deep Space.  For the past 6 weeks, the team has been discussing game strategy, robot design, drafting parts using CAD, and building robot parts at the Brandon High School metal shop using band saws, drill presses, metal lathes, CNC mills, and even doing some MIG aluminum welding.

The past week has been dedicated to assembling both our practice robot and our competition robot, prior to Bag Day which was on Feb 19.  Bag Day is when your robot build is required to be largely complete.  T3 will continue working on it's pratice robot for the next few weeks fine tuning it's operations and programming its functionality using the Java computer programming language.

The team regularly produces short video clips documenting our weekly build sessions.  We invite you to watch what we've been up to on our Youtube channel, located at:


This Years Game

In this year's game, robots need to be designed to place 13" latex spheres into the 'rocket ship' and 'cargo ship', and also to pick up 16" diameter plastic discs and place them on the ships as 'cargo hatches'.  Additionally, robots need to be able to elevate themselves up to 3", 6" or 17" platforms, called the 'HAB', prior to Liftoff.  Each robot team, must operate within a three team 'alliance' to defeat the opposing 'alliance'.  Over the course of 40 matches, the team with the highest scores wins the event.