Truck Town Thunder


Truck Town Thunder is looking for more mentors to help bring this FIRST Robotics to our youth. We are expanding our mentorship program and are looking for mentors who can help us continue our success.

Please take a look at our mentor application to see what is expected of a mentor and what a mentor can expect from Truck Town Thunder. If you are interested in participating as a mentor this year or know someone who may fit this criteria, please fill out the required information and return it to the Truck Town Thunder Advisory Board As soon as possible.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in sharing their knowledge with our youth.

Cindy Hawkins

​Even though this is Cindy’s second year as a mentor on the team, she has been involved with T3 for 9 years. Cindy also is a FLL Jr. coach and coordinator as well as a math interventionist for the Brandon School District. The puppy in her profile picture is Yukon who has joined the team while he…

David Ritenburgh

David Smith

David became involved with the team when his son, Raymon, joined. He is retired from General Motors, Formerly an Electrical Architect and Engineering Group Manager. On T3 he is a Chief Engineer and Adviser. He is also a FTC Mentor.

Jason Bobel

Joe Dubiel

His daughter did robotics in 8th grade and they got hooked. Joe has experience as a group leader at General Motors Global Propulsion Systems. On T3, he mentors students and teaches them important leadership skills. He also helps students practice safety while doing fabrication work.

Karin Bogacz

Katherine Stewart

Katherine’s oldest Daughter Alyssa was a member of the team. She is self employed with Shaklee products and Caregiver with Expertcare. Sub para pro for the Brandon School. Managerial Side for Student support of tasks like Newsletter, Partner drive, fundraising and some Safety projects.  Her previous work included Project manager for Ameritech, Corporate event coordinator…

Katie Dubiel

When Katie’s daughter Katelynn transferred from another FIRST team to join Truck Town, she decided to transfer as well. Katie has previous experience as a mentor to FIRST team #1506, Metal Muscle.

Matt Eckert

Matt had never heard of FIRST Robotics until his son Ben joined the team. After he joined, Matt got involved and was inspired by the wide range of valuable skills the students were being exposed to.

Paul Braun

In his first year, Paul helped during the end of build season in the shop.  Each subsequent year he has added time and responsibility within the build area of the team. He is currently working with the design team in streamlining the design process and “WOW-ing” the end of each team meeting.

Tim Flickinger

Tim Flickinger is the electrical, scouting, and strategy mentor. He has been involved in FIRST for 18 years, not including his time spent on Truck Town.


Breanna Oakley

This is Breanna’s first year on the team, she joined through another mentor. She is an assistant teacher at the Montessori Preschool in Auburn Hills.  She is the mentor that oversees Awards and Entrepreneurship. Breanna also assist’s with organization of the non-building sub-teams. She is a Senior at Oakland University majoring in Creative Writing. She is a lover…

James Wallace IV

James is currently a Junior at Oakland University and studying Electrical Engineering. He also has a job as an intern at Thyssenkrupp Engineering Systems.