FIRST Team 68 was founded in 1998 by Tom Stephans, former Global Chief Technology Officer of General Motors. Initially known as Truck Town Terror, the team began with 20 members from schools across Oakland County and was housed at a General Motors facility in Pontiac, Michigan. At that time, there were seven mentors, all of whom were either GM employees or parents of team members.

Today, the team consists of 35 student members and a total of 19 mentors. Team members are comprised of students at Brandon and Holly High Schools and a few home schooled.  Mentors now include GM engineers, parents, college students, alumni, and partner representatives. Nine of these mentors are considered ‘advisory mentors’ because they are responsible for creating and enforcing rules and regulations, team policies, and are also responsible for the overall team organization.

Changes since inception include a name change to Truck Town Thunder (T3) in 2001 and relocation from Pontiac to Brandon High School in 2009, which remains our current home.


2013 Kettering FIRST District Competition

March 9, 2013

FIRST Team 68, Truck Town Thunder competes at the Kettering District. The 2013 game was Ultimate Ascent. Robots shot Frisbees in goals to earn 1,2, or 3 points. Our team ended up semi-finalists and won 2 awards at this competition. We won the Industrial Safety Award and the coveted Chairman’s Award.   Semis 2 Match 2 Video

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2013 Robot Reveal

February 23, 2013

Truck Town Thunder would like to introduce our 2013 Robot. We took the time to highlight some of the engineering innovations the team was able to come up with. Along with posting our shooter and pictures of our Drive System. The team is working hard at getting the entire robot completed. We look forward to…

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2013 Pre-Season Training

January 14, 2013

Truck Town Thunder spends the fall in Robot 101. The team learns to come together as a team in various team building activities. They also have intensive training on all aspects of the Truck Town Thunder Robotics Team.

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