Truck Town Thunder



Andrea Ritenburgh

Andrea joined Truck Town Thunder because she thought it seemed cool. She is planning on going to a college in the future but she doesn’t know where yet.

Eric Braun

Eric is on Truck Town because he plans on becoming a Mechanical Engineer. Currently, Eric is considering Michigan Tech when he graduates, but there are many other schools on his list.

James Dolzynski

James Dolzynski hopes to study a Pre-Med based major at Grand Valley State University. In his free time, James likes to skateboard, browse reddit, and watch vines.

Julian Dolzynski

Julian joined Truck Town Thunder to potentially earn scholarships for college and to expand his background and knowledge in STEM for a possible future career.

Katelynn Dubiel

Katelynn is one of our 2017/18 Project Managers. Katelynn is a member of the Brandon Varsity Swim Team. She also is a part of the BPA (Business Professionals of America) club. She is interested in building computers. In her spare time, she works on upgrading her truck. Katelynn has always wanted to be an engineer…

Marissa Stewart

Marissa plays the tuba in the Brandon High School Wind Ensemble. She’s a current member of NHS, and one of the major things in NHS She does is to work with kids in a kindergarten class at Oakwood as part of her community service hours. Along the long line of other things Marissa does, she…

Meghan Sydow

Meghan is one of our 2017/18 Project Managers. Meghan is a Varsity cheerleader at Brandon High School. She plans to go to Oakland University to become an industrial engineer.

Mitchell Lemaux

Mitch joined Truck Town to further his education in engineering. In his free time; Mitch enjoys drawing, reading, and talking to his friends. After his time on T3 he plans on going to college for animation.

Olivia Wright

Olivia plans to become a Chemical Engineer. Olivia hopes to study Chemical Engineering at Kettering University

Sophia Bogacz

Sophia is on T3 because she participated in robotics during middle school. She became interested in joining the team and decided it could lead to potential benefit in the future. In the future, she would like to have a career in designing. In Sophia’s free time she likes to snowboard, play tenor sax in band,…

Thien An Duong Do

An did Judo competitively for four years, enjoy reading, programming and doing Capture the Flags competitions. He has also been playing piano for 8 years.


Antonio Pittiglio

Antonio is on Truck Town Thunder because he would like to go into the field of Mechanical Engineering. FIRST has many great scholarships and opportunity for money that interests him.

Trevor Nordling

Trevor likes to build model cars, repaint bikes, and other fun things. He is on Truck Town Thunder to learn more about robotics and engineering. He is unsure about what college he would like to attend, but is looking at Oakland University.


AJ Basirico

AJ joined robotics because he thought it would be fun. AJ wants to be a programmer in the future. He also participates in cross country and karate.

Chris Hartman

Along with T3, Chris is a very active participant with the Brandon stage crew. He enjoys playing video games, bowling, card games, and spending time with family. I’m on truck town thunder because I intend to go into the STEM field, and T3 provides the opportunity to learn.

Cody Davis

Cody joined Truck Town Thunder because he would like to become a programmer or an engineer in the future.

Jake Baker

Jake joined Truck Town because he thought it would be a fun experience. Jake also has an interest in Aerospace Engineering.

James Woods

James joined the team to learn how to program and he thought it would be a fun experience. In his free time James also participates in soccer.

Jimmy Battiglia

Joshua Dubiel

Joshua plays football and enjoys the outdoors. He would like to be an engineer and would like to attend Kettering University.

Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee enjoys the outdoors and loves to hunt and fish. I joined T3 because my career interests is computer science.

Nicole Vrabel

Nicole is a student who dedicates her time to the arts. She takes great passion in drawing as well as painting and gives her all to improve on the daily at what she loves. Nicole wishes to advance her skills at design through Truck Town Thunder and improve her social capabilities by interacting with other students…

Olivia Levers

She is in marching band and lacrosse for sports at school, her hobbies are writing, reading and drawing and she loves to play video games. The job she wants to do when she is older is a electrical engineer and this helps her to work with a team with a strict dead line. Also she looked…

Robbie DeHaan

Robbie mentors an FLL team called “The BLT.” He enjoys anything involving technology, and loves programming.

Zack Bobel

Zack is a part of band and mentors a FLL robotics team. He is on Truck Town because he wants to get involved and wants to get more experience with engineering. Zack is interested in computer science and would like to go to Michigan State.


Tyler Sitko

Tyler enjoys reading, playing video games, and working. Tyler joined Truck Town Thunder because he thought it would be fun and he wants to be an aerospace engineer for NASA.  

Nick Ratliff

In his free time, Nick likes to play TCGs and bowl with his friends. He joined Truck Town Thunder because he wanted to actively participate on a team.

Katie Ault

Katie has a strong passion for reading, and is interested in drawing and writing. She also has a slight interest in archery and pottery. She enjoys traveling and learning about ancient cultures. Katie also wants to attend Grand Valley State University, and is interested in majoring in chemistry.

Connor Shelton

  Connor likes to play video games and build computers.

Caleb Welch

Caleb enjoys reading, drawing, and playing chess. My career of choice is either petroleum or civil engineering and I feel the best way to prepare myself for those fields of work is to familiarize myself with the engineering process, something that is deeply rooted in the FIRST program. At the moment my sights are set on…

Bryce Davis

Bryce joined Truck Town Thunder because he has interest in becoming an engineer. In his free time he enjoys playing baseball.