Truck Town Thunder attended the FIRST Championship this weekend at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. 402 teams were in attendance from all over the World. Truck Town Thunder had the opportunity to compete in the Newton Division where they finished the qualification rounds in 3rd place. Truck Town Thunder then picked two teams to join their alliance FIRST Team 330, BeachBots, and FIRST Team 639, Code Red Robotics. The Beachbots are from Hermosa Beach, California, and Code Red Robotics is from Ithaca, New York, both veteran teams in the FIRST Community.  The three robot alliance fought their way to the division finals where were ousted from competition by FIRST Teams 118, 548 and 2194. Truck Town Thunder ended up one of the top 16 teams in the world after the three day competition. It is an extraordinary accomplishment for the students from Holly and Brandon High School. The team will be demonstrating their robot at different locations throughout the next few months.

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