Truck Town Thunder

Truck Town Thunder Youth Program


  • Andrew Spiece needs to know who is on your team – Send him your roster, Please!
  • Registration will continue to go through the Truck Town Site
  • We want to avoid putting a kid on two teams
  • Teams will be capped at 15 this year.
  • Registration Fee has gone up to $100 per child
    • This can be fundraised if the team sees fit.
  • Team Budget 

Facility Usage (This should be handled by Program Coordinator)
In order to get a place to meet, you will need to secure space with Donna Wagner, Brandon Community Ed Director.

Talk to Tim Oliver, Brandon Technology Department, Office: Brandon ITEC Center
The following will be handled by him this year:

  • Tim will be coordinating teams this year.
  • Facility Usage Form
  • Donna Wagner
  • Team Location – Brandon ITEC Center (Default) We can use the Brandon Middle School but not as a regular meeting place.
  • Note: If you fill out the form with your name, you must be in attendance at the meeting
  • If you have another coach, put both your names on it.
  • First event schedule, make sure attach your volunteer Data Sheet with the Facility Usage!
  • Items to consider:
    • The district is not open on Sundays
    • Saturdays can be difficult due to custodians not being available.
    • Alternatives: Brandon Library, Coach Hosted meetings at their home (Volunteer Form needs to be submitted of the host)

They are a necessity but if a person is going to work with kids for Brandon School District on a “regular” basis, they need to have a background check done.

  1. Brandon School District Volunteer Data Sheet
  2. Team Mentors need to register in TIMS
  3. This is mandatory before a team can compete.


Team Schedule
You will want to get a schedule together ASAP of your meeting dates.

  1. Send Andrew Spiece your schedule (
  2. This will be added to the Truck Town Thunder Website.


High School Student Mentors

You will be assigned one or two high school student mentors.

  1. They will report directly to you
  2. If you have any problems at all, Contact Mr. Spiece
    1. This shouldn’t be an issue, they are great kids
  3. Requests go through Mr. Spiece –
  4. I need your schedule so I can make sure that chosen students can make it work.
  5. They are learning and practicing to be leaders so feel free to let them take the lead at anytime.

How to Pay for Stuff

  1. Purchase Card – Andrew Spiece
    1. Andrew needs receipts and
    2. Andrew has to make the purchase
  2. Reimbursement
    1. Truck Town Reimbursement Form
    2. Need a W9 filled out
    3. Write “Reimbursement Only” on the form
    4. Don’t need to fill in Social Security Number
  3. Invoices
    1. Submit to Andrew Spiece for Payment
    2. If this is the first time using the vender, we need a W9


You are welcome to handle these your self this year or Truck Town would be happy to arrange it through Tool Sport

  1. Order Form – (This one gets turned in to Andrew Spiece)
  2. Team Work sheet (This is for your team to use to create an order)


Truck Town Thunder Contacts


Brandon Contacts