Week 2 of Build Season

During week two prototyping continued. Coarse designs for the chassis were finalized, and the building of some parts began. Three members from the team attended the Baker Collage Design Review, although no significant changes were made to our team’s strategy as a result. We also developed a new climber that looks promising.

2013 Week 2 2Our chassis uses Vex Pro Wheels, and a mixed chain belt drive system. the chassis is 26” X 29”, and uses a two speed transmission.  During the second week team members also resumed meeting with their managerial groups, in addition to their technical groups.



CADD of the chassis

2013 Week 2 3

What the field looks like to the driver

[av_video src=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duAkLSxv22w’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′]