2015 Recycle Rush

Recycle Rush


RECYCLE RUSH is a recycling-themed game designed for the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). It is played by two Alliances of three Teams each. Alliances compete simultaneously to score points by stacking Totes on Scoring Platforms, capping those stacks with Recycling Containers, and properly disposing of Litter, represented by pool noodles, in designated locations. The 27 ft. by 54 ft. playing Field is bisected by a small Step which may not be climbed on or crossed by Robots. Thus each Alliance competes on their respective 26 ft. by 27 ft. side of the Field.

Game Strategy

Truck Town Thunder has decided to employ a strategy pertaining to the middle portion of the field. The team is going to repetitively stack totes from the landfill zone and place them onto the platforms. In addition, T3 plans on removing containers from the Step and securing them on their alliance’s side of the field as containers from the Step may yield an advantage in close matches.



  • Pull either a tote or container into the auto zone
  • Attempt to stack 3 totes
  • Pull containers off of the Step


  • Stack totes from the landfill zone
  • Allow efficient feeder station bots to use the feeder station
  • Be tethered to a ramp at the feeder station