T3 Mentors

The Advisory Board

Gary Fenn

This is Gary’s 17th year mentoring T3, 4th as team leader. His daughter had already graduated high school when he started mentoring. He has been employed by GM for over 34 years, always in the Structural Development Labs. For the last 20-ish years he has been one of the technical lead engineer. He has a…

David Smith

David has been with T3 for 24 years now. He became involved with the team when his son, Raymon, joined. His daughter was also on the team. He is retired from General Motors, Formerly an Electrical Architect and Engineering Group Manager. On T3 he is a Chief Engineer and Adviser. In his free time he…

David Ritenburgh

Dave has been a mentor on Truck Town thunder for 10 years. Both of his Children are T3 Alumni. He is currently a Service Engineering Manager for General Motors. He is a graduate of Ferris State University. He is an adviser for T3 and spend most of his time working with the students in the…

Mark Ratliff

Mark Ratliff has been with the team for 11 years now. He is the Director of IT for FEV North America. He graduated from Michigan Technological University as a Mechanical Engineer. He became involved with First in 2012 with his daughter who was a member of Truck Town Thunder. Inspired by the students on the…

Adult Mentors

Jason Howerton

This is Jason’s second year with T3. He graduated from Purdue University with a degree in electrical and computer engineering, and is currently an embedded software engineer at Vitesco Technologies. He uses his software skills to help out T3 on the programming side of the team and enjoys basketball, home improvements, and leading Boy Scout…

Tim Flickinger

Tim has been a mentor on T3 for 10 years now, although he has been a mentor and/or coach with FIRST programs for twenty years. He is recently a retired electrical engineer from Stellantis. He graduated from Lake Superior State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1986. He helps out with electrical, scouting…

College Mentors

Antonio Pittiglio

Antonio has been with the team for 6 years. He helps out the team in all aspects such as design, mechanical and safety. He is currently a student attending Oakland Community College for Mechanical Engineering and works as a customer service technician. In his free time he enjoys playing video games.

Harley Pawley

Harley has been with the team for 8 years now, 4 as a student and 4 as a mentor. He attends Oakland University and is majoring in Electrical and Computer engineering while interning at Alps Alpine. He helps out with electrical and programming and enjoys reading, playing hockey, and composing music in his free time.

Cody Davis

Cody joined the team 7 years ago and helps out with the programming sub team. He is currently attending Oakland University and majoring in computer science. In his free time, he plays video games and spends time outside camping, kayaking, hiking, etc.

Robbie DeHaan

Robbie has been with the team for 7 years now. He is currently a junior at Kettering University, studying computer engineering. Along with being a student, he is working for General Motors at a co-op student. He helps out with CAD, media, and CNC machining on the team, and doesn’t have any hobbies because he…